Information for Musicians
Updated November 5, 2017

Be Notified of Audition Information Updates.

Arizona Philharmonic is a professional regional orchestra. We expect to draw musicians from around the region.

Our Model
We break from the standard orchestra model in several ways:
  • While the Arizona Philharmonic is a standalone institution, it collaborates with other organizations to assemble a season that is a mixture of stand-alone orchestral concerts and combined choir and instrumental concerts.
  • We have at least one full-orchestra concert each year that is in August. We call this the “shoulder season” since it resides between the summer festival season and the traditional September - May concert season.
  • Because of the collaborative nature of the concerts, there is no single music director for the orchestra. Different concerts will have different conductors.
Orchestra Sizes
Concerts will use use ensembles of different sizes depending on the program of the performance. The Full Orchestra will typically employ more than 50 musicians. The Chamber Orchestra will be smaller but still able to play much of the standard repertoire. The Chamber Ensemble will be a fairly small subset of the orchestra, probably only used for accompanying some choral concerts and tailored to the music being programmed.

When we open the auditions, we will list instrumentation required to staff each performance.

Fee Schedule
Musicians will be paid $100/service for principals, $70/service for sections members. In some concerts using Chamber Ensemble orchestras, every musician will be paid at principal rates. Rehearsals and Concerts will be paid the same.

We will not be able to pay travel nor per diem. Decisions on cartage fees have not yet been made.

Rehearsal, Concert, and Fee schedules for each concert will be available during the audition window and finalized before contracts are offered.

The 2018-2019 Season
Currently we expect the 2018-2019 Arizona Philharmonic season to look like this:

  • August 2018 - Inaugural Concert: Currents, featuring conductor Peter Bay (Austin symphony, St. Paul chamber Orchestra, Aspen Music Festival), with Steinway Artist James D’León and marimbist Maria Flurry as soloists.
  • September or October 2018 - Bach Festival with the Prescott Chorale
  • Mid-Season - Christmas, maybe Fall, concerts with Yavapai College
  • April or May 2019 - Yavapai College Choral and Orchestra Concert
This list does not include organizations that would use members as extras nor a few other potential concerts that have been discussed with area conductors.

Arizona Philharmonic might collaborate with the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center to accompany one or more of the artist they bring in for the 2018-2019 season.

Due to the wide geographic range expected from our musician pool, auditions will be by video. Musicians will be asked to upload videos of them performing the excerpts.

Auditions will be blind and judged by other professional musicians. When a position cannot be filled through audition, we will directly invite individuals of known expertise to fill spots until we can run the next season’s auditions.

Music for the auditions will be selected from the repertoire of our inaugural concert and from any other difficult repertoire expected within the first season. We may also request a solo of your choice of music from the mid-20th to 21st century.

Audition Timeline
  • Announce audition details (November 2017)
  • Finalize list of 2018-2019 concerts (December 2017)
  • Open auditions (December 2017)
  • Finalize 2018-2019 concert dates (February 2018)
  • Close and judge auditions (March 2018)
  • Offer musician contracts that include detailed rehearsal and repertoire schedule (April 2018)
Arizona Philharmonic performances will be held in Prescott, AZ. The orchestra will perform in different venues depending upon the nature of the concert and the collaboration involved. Currently, these venues include:
  • Yavapai College Performing Arts Center - a professionally run hall that seats 1,100. Most of the concerts will be held here.
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Church - a more intimate space with warm acoustics. At least one chamber ensemble and choral concert will be held here.
  • While our season is a collaborative effort with other performing organizations, your season contract will made be with Arizona Philharmonic.
  • This is a musician-run orchestra with minimal administrative budget. We aim to provide fair working conditions and compensation to our fellow musicians.
  • Your contract will give Arizona Philharmonic permission to record the concerts.
  • A sample contract will be available for review when the auditions open.
  • The musician roster will also be a primary source for hiring extra musicians for other concerts held in Prescott and nearby communities.
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