Policies and Sample Contracts will be posted here

Updated February 8, 2018

What to expect
We are still drafting the policies and sample contracts for musicians. They will be similar to what other regional orchestras offer.

Here are some highlights of what we expect to be in the policies and contracts:
  • Auditions for the Arizona Philharmonic are blind auditions that are judged solely on the audio performance of the musician. Qualified musicians will judge the auditions. In our first year of auditions, all judging will be by professionals who do not live in Arizona. Administrators of the Arizona Philharmonic will not be judging the auditions.
  • Based upon blind audition results and their rankings, musicians needed to fill a full orchestra (just over 50 members) are offered contracts awarding a chaired position in the Arizona Philharmonic.
  • Every year, musicians who have satisfied the professional and artistic requirements of their chaired position and have played in at least one full-orchestra concert of the year are automatically offered a renewal of their position.
  • Chaired positions are only offered to musicians who have earned the position through Arizona Philharmonic’s blind audition. No preferential treatment is offered to Arizona Philharmonic staff, board members, or volunteers.
  • Other musicians whose auditions have met Arizona Philharmonic’s professional and artistic standards will be placed on the substitute and extra list.
  • Auditions in future years will be scheduled to fill any chaired positions that are open and, if needed, to supplement the substitute and extra list.
  • Concerts are opt-in. Chaired musicians are given first opportunity to accept an engagement for a concert.
  • When the instrumentation cannot be fulfilled with chaired positions, priority for filling open seats will be given to auditioned musicians on the substitute and extra list.
  • At rehearsals and concerts, Arizona Philharmonic will make good faith efforts to have a representative on site to address musician questions and needs.
  • Music for concerts will be sent to musicians 45 days in advance of each concert or, when rental music is involved, as soon as rentals allow.
  • Musicians will be paid the day of the concert.
  • Responsibilities for principal positions will be outlined in the policies.

When to expect full policies and contracts
Musicians will have the opportunity to read completed policies and contracts before contracts are offered. We will begin offering contracts the beginning of April 2018.

Do you have questions or feedback?
You are invited to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.
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