Who is Arizona Philharmonic?

Arizona Philharmonic is Prescott’s Professional Orchestra

We are a regional professional orchestra serving the Prescott community with locally-produced concerts. Arizona Philharmonic draws auditioned, professional musicians from Prescott, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and other areas within driving distance.

Arizona Philharmonic is a Landmark Event

Building upon a vibrant and growing arts scene in Prescott, Arizona Philharmonic’s formation represents a landmark event in Prescott’s cultural growth. This past decade has seen significant growth in both audience and performers in multiple venues, an investment in arts infrastructure, and a surge in tourism. Our population has grown to a point capable of supporting a professional orchestra, and our civic leadership is excited about this new opportunity to draw business and tourism to our area.

Arizona Philharmonic is Local and Statewide Talent

Our core performing members are auditioned. The orchestra is filled with leading musicians from across the state. In our ranks are musicians representing Prescott and the Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Arizona Opera orchestras. Arizona Philharmonic collaborates with multiple organizations to present an exciting year of artistry. Our 2018-2019 season included one full orchestra concert co-sponsored by Yavapai College and Chaparral Arts, and three collaborations: Bach Festival with Prescott Chorale, Messiah with Yavapai College, and Carmina Burana with Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. Establishing a standard of showcasing local talent, our inaugural concert on August 26, 2018 featured music of award-winning composer Henry Flurry and solo performances by Steinway Artist James D’León and marimbaist Maria Flurry.

Arizona Philharmonic is Community Pride

Arizona Philharmonic is the result of this community’s pride in our arts. Representatives of Yavapai College, Prescott Chorale, Prescott Pops, Prescott Chamber Orchestra, Prescott Camerata Singers, and Chaparral Arts met for a year to establish the orchestra’s management and financial models.  Prominent community leaders with experience in orchestra management, professional entertainment, business, non-profit law, marketing, philanthropy, fundraising, and event organization form the orchestra’s Launch Team that has brought Arizona Philharmonic to life.

Arizona Philharmonic is Cooperation

Our goal is to support and grow Prescott’s already vibrant music community.

  • We schedule our full orchestra concerts outside the existing seasons of our sister orchestras in order to avoid audience competition.
  • We support our active choral community by being the orchestra behind local performances of great choral works.
  • We support our local performing ensembles by introducing new talent to our area and helping other groups find musicians they need.

Arizona Philharmonic is More than Just Music

We aim to strengthen our local arts scene by engaging new audiences, showcasing local talent, supporting our sister performing arts organizations, collaborating on large events, and drawing new talent to our stages. An estimated 200 attendees of our inaugural concert had never attended an orchestra concert before. We aim to strengthen our community by creating new jobs, attracting new businesses, drawing tourists, connecting people, and creating opportunities for collaboration. Nearly 75% of our inaugural year donated dollars came from sources who had never contributed to the Prescott music scene before. We aim to support our community by offering education, enabling concert attendance, and making art come alive for all. Big Brothers Big Sisters attendees of AZ Phil’s “Compose an Action Movie Theme” workshop had never composed a work of music before.  

Arizona Philharmonic enjoys full 501c3 status

Key Collaborators and Advisors

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